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Immediate solutions provide improved performance

Hans Melgaard - Sales Engineer

A leading generator manufacturer was having a problem with high thrust bearing temperatures on their new 50 megawatt generator in the field. They were in a situation where they needed an immediate solution. At the recommendation of their customer they contacted Orion for help. Within twelve weeks of our first technical meeting Orion had engineered and manufactured a prototype 280mm tilt pad journal bearing with redesigned thrust bearing to fit into the existing sleeve bearing envelope. Seven weeks later, after testing the prototype bearing, the field unit was retrofitted with Orion bearings.

The results were phenomenal. With a 30% reduction in thrust bearing temperatures, and improved axial and radial stability, the retrofit was a success. Our customer commented by saying “Orion provided us an excellent engineering and manufacturing capability with timely support. We are extremely pleased with the results.”

If you would like to experience the Orion advantage yourself please contact a Sales Engineer today to see how we can help.

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